General privacy policy


The company Zetor Engineering, s.r.o. proceeds with the processing of personal data in accordance with the relevant legal regulations of the Czech Republic and the legislation of the European Union, whilst taking into account to the maximum extent possible the protection of the privacy of the persons concerned and the protection of personal data.


Reasons for Personal Data Processing

The processing of acquired and provided personal data is part of the operator’s activity. Without the provision of personal data and without their processing, he/she would not be able to provide his/her services to his/her clients or other persons concerned or to fulfil his/her legal obligations to the required extent.


Basis for Personal Data Processing

The current legislation makes it possible to process data on the basis of legal grounds. The processing of personal data occurs mainly on the basis of a legal regulation (i.e. without consent from the person concerned) or on the basis of the concerned person’s consent.

The processing of personal data on the basis of a law means that even without your consent, we may process your personal data for the purposes of performing our activities or fulfilling our obligations. The relevant legal regulations relating to our activities (services) constitute the basis for such processing of your personal data; if there is no legitimate reason to process the personal data without your consent, we process your personal data only on the basis of your given consent.


Disclosing Data to Third Parties

The personal data processed by us may also be processed by third parties, provided that this is unavoidable in order to fulfil our commitment to you, our clients, the provision of our services, or the fulfilment of our obligations. When selecting these partners, we always make sure that a high standard of personal data protection is guaranteed.


Handling Personal Data

Your personal data is processed manually or using electronic systems. All the necessary and unavoidable measures of not only a technical, but also of a personnel and control character, have been taken in order to ensure the highest possible level of personal data protection.


Rights of the Person Concerned

The person concerned has the right to:

  1. Require access to the personal data related to the person concerned

  2. Correction or deletion, or restrictions on the processing of personal data

  3. Object to the processing of personal data

  4. Accuracy of the personal data

  5. Submit a complaint or proposal for examination by the supervisory authority, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection

  6. Revoke his/her consent to the processing of personal data at any time.

We are obligated to notify the person concerned of a breach of personal data protection without undue delay as soon as such a breach of personal data protection may lead to a high risk to the rights of the person concerned.


You can send us any inquiries related to the protection of your personal data via the contact form.

Valid from: 1 March 2019