Tracked vehicle design family

The first design by Zetor Engineering for the defence sector is a tracked vehicle. This will create a mobile platform for whole family of vehicles in different versions for next few decades (2020-2050). The first version of the design is an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).

Vehicle features

  • Spacious internal volume to accomodate a crew of 3+8 soldiers

  • High mobility and crew comfort based on a powerful, high-performance engine and hydro-pneumatic suspension

  • The ballistic protectino is STANAG 4569 levels 4 and 5

  • Anti-mine and under-vehicle blast protection is STANAG 4569 level 4a and 4b

  • Ballistic protection with add-on-armour up to STANAG 4569 level 6 on front

  • Armament will be customer adaptive for the whole vehicle family: from a 12.7 mm RCWS and RC turret (30-35mm) up to a manned turret with a 120 mm tank gun.

zetor engineering wolfdog leaflet.JPG


Tracked vehicle design family