ATV ZETOR GERLACH 4x4 – main features

A solution for maximum security

GERLACH uses multi-stage construction elements to maximize the protection of the crew and the vehicle itself. The vehicle is constructed on a special chassis called Rolling Chassis ZETOR. Its gantry frame concept is able to withstand high dynamic effects, thus being one of the main pillars of anti-mine protection of the entire vehicle.

  • The vehicle cabin is designed as an overpressure armored capsule. It is fitted independently on the chassis, so when damaged by the mine, the crew remains protected. Its unprecedented SAFETY space of 7.7 m3 offers space for up to 6 crew members with a height of up to 190 cm and 120 kg in weight, including gear. In the event of an emergency, it will provide space for two other crew members (without a seat).

  • Crew safety is also assured by an additional modular armor plating along with a separate andlaminate double flooring with an anti-mine “V“ shield. At the same time, the cabin construction allows for its fast abandonment.

  • In addition to safety, comfort was also taken into consideration. The cabin has incorporated unique features ensuring a high ergonomics with minimal noise and vibration.

Can withstand 8 kg of TNT

GERLACH is ready to assemble various levels of a ballistic and anti-mine protection according to the client’s requirements.

  • It obtained a ballistic resistance certificate from certified authority at NATO STANAG 4569 Volume 1 Level 3. This means that the crew does not have to be afraid of shooting from hand-held assault weapons used in the current conflicts.

  • Regarding the anti-mine resistance, the vehicle is ready to resist an anti-tank mine of up to 8 kg of TNT under the axle and under the cabin (NATO STANAG 4569 Volume 2 Level 3a, 3b). The cabin´s resistance has already been successfully proven within company’s tests.

Excellent terrain skills

GERLACH provides above-standard abilities in demanding terrain. Besides the incorporated knowledge of real-world military conflicts and the Dakar Rally it also has a 1 300 Nm torque and wheel size (R20) to help significantly.

  • During testing in military areas, with a load of 14 tons, it overcame a terrain step of 0.5 m and a 1 m wide trench.

  • Comfortably handles a terrain rise of up to 70% (30° angle). During testing, it also reached 100% (45°angle) under full load.

  • It confirmed excellent abilities on different surfaces, including sand.

Excellent dynamics

The GERLACH is powered by a 6-cylinder MTU engine with 240 kW (326 Hp), German manufacturing, with an above-standard torque of 1300 Nm, working with a 6-speed automatic gearbox to maximize its performance over a full range of revolutions. The power distribution to the independently suspended wheels is transferred by a set of balanced gears through the Meritor descending gearbox, which is one of the world leaders in all-wheel drive torque distribution. With this solution, GERLACH has achieved an exceptional dynamics with its power-to-weight ratio reaching 17.1 kW/ton (at a load of 14 tons).

  • On the Slovakiaring racing circuit, it reached a maximum speed of 125 km/h, even under rainy conditions. It also demonstrated its pulling power when it was pulling a 28-ton tractor and circled for 1 hour on the circuit while maintaining the required temperature parameters.

High variability

GERLACH has a highly variable cargo space that can carry another 1.5 tons of gear, armaments or equipment. The vehicle version can be changed to suit the mission requirements.

  • The basic version with a standby weight of 12 tons is already fitted with an air-conditioning and a chemical, biological and nuclear protection ventilation.

Weapons systems integration

The roof of the vehicle can be fitted with mechanical or remote- controlled machine gun towers from various manufacturers, anti-tank guided missiles, mortars or grenade launchers.